Some days during chemo

Sunday i took it easy during the day, i didn’t made plans, somebody asked to go get something to eat on the festival of Ghent in the evening. It was the last day of the festival, i never made it yet even it is next to my door, and i saved my energy during the day because i didn’t do much so i felt pretty good in the evening. And i finally made it to the festival before it was over, thanks to my sweet friend 🤗😁.

Always when i go outside i also try to stay as long as i keep enjoying, because only already preparing myself to go outside asks a lot of energy so it better be worth it😬😁.

On monday i gived my energy of the day to go take a breakfast with a good friend. And it was totally worth giving my energy of the day to 😊. I got spoiled again with some good food and presents, so sweet! People around me are really all amazing ❤️. I was a bit better this last 2 days before going back to hospital , i had a bit more energy again ,but not like the weeks before anymore. And still with many little other side effects, like for example i can never sleep without waking up at night because at least once in the night i have a bleeding nose. They are different than bleeding noses from heat for example, i always start tasting blood and then it is like it always slowly starts and i have time to take somehing, they also stop pretty fast. It is not that bad but i hate that they always wake me up, i don’ like things that disturb my sleep😬. Tomorrow, Tuesday it is my hospitalday. I will have chemotherapy again, also a heartscan and they will give another injection in my belly to protect my womb. I need 2 injections like this. They did this once in the beginning of chemotreatment and now 3 months later i need one more. Normally i can handle needles very well but you should see that needle, it is really a big needle and very paintfull to me 😬. The good part of the morning will be my buddy, who comes pick me up at home in the morning.

Tuesday: This morning we went to the hospital. I didn’t expect to have 40 people before us to check in. Normally their are maybe 5people before me. But i am not surprised of that because in hospital always unexpected things can come. I always have to check in to get a bracelet for the dayhospital.

After i got a heartscan, everything was ok with the scan. When they putted the infuus for blood and chemo , they had to try 2 times again, their was no blood coming out of the first vain they tried. Also it’s getting eacht time more paintfull to put that needle because the chemo destroys my vains and they get harder and harder. During chemo the doctor came to put the second injection in my belly to protect my womb , first she putted a cream for one hour that paralise my skin a bit to feel less pain, but i still felt it 😬.

During chemo, we had some entertainement of the men who where cleaning the windows. 😃

When the product is finished i have to keep my icegloves and shoes on 10 more minutes, after we can leave.this time we left a bit later than normally, around 15 pm i think, this because of the busy morning at the reception.

They gived me some papers with new appointments in the secretary before leaving, apointments for when i am finished with all my chemo, some scans to check my body. Now it is really getting closer, 1 week rest without chemo and 2 more weeks after 👍. In my week of rest next week i will have the results of the test that shows if the cancer is genetical but i have a good feeling about this, only a 5% chance i think.

Today is Wednesday, i feel i have more energy than all the other days of the week. This because of the cortisonepills that i have to take before chemo and that are still working, they give me an energyboost. I always take advantage of that and don’t stay in my couch that moment. I went taking a lunch with another sweet friend that i already know my whole life. Today i also don’t feel to much of the side effects of chemo, only some irritation in my neck that can be a bit itchy . Even it is already very hot today i also get some extra hot flashes from the cortisone. It also gives me cravings so i stoped already on the way because i needed some chocolates. So to look back to the first day after chemo, Wednesdays are one of my really good days of the week. Most things i feel are from the cortisone and not from chemo yet, that mostly starts working 2 days later.

So today my flowers are opening (after realising they just needed a lot of water)i had a date with my sweet friend and i got some good sweets on my way back home. The little things that makes me happy for the moment😁. Thursday, 2 days after getting chemo, like i already knew today will be not one of my best days. I feel the chemo starts working, i woke up, sick in my belly. Buttt …the good thing is, the drugs(cortisone) i toke 2 days ago finally stoped working, so i got tired again yesterdayevening and i slept a whole night 😁. Of course i got another bleeding nose, again to today.

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