hej there,I am Valรฉrie. A, 29 old girl from Belgium in 2016 i sold a lot of my things and i decided to start travelling and see what my future would bring me. I started in Columbia and went to many places until this year 2018, the end of Februari. I feel lucky to already had the chance to be in 36 countries untill now! While travelling i got information about working on private yacht boats, and i got a bit tired of moving around , also i needed to start earning money again so i followed some classes in South Africa to get certificated for this job. My plan was to go back to Belgium to say ‘hello’ to my family and friends , after that i wanted to go to Palma to find a job as a stewardess on the boats. But i am still in Belgium ๐Ÿ˜ฌ, my plan changed.

I was just back in Belgium , wanted to get this operation to remove a ‘cyst ‘like they told me it was, so i could leave again, but while removing it they found out it was a tumor and that i have breastcancer. That is where everything started, all the exams , for the moment i am having treatments. I got a breastoperation and because my cancer was already spread out, they also removed another tumor in my neck.

After that neckoperation i had to recover before starting chemo, so inbetween this 2 things i had some time to do a Fertility treatment to freeze in my eggs for , who knows, i ever want to get pregnant.

My lymph nodes on the side of my breast that had a tumor , also are having the cancer so they will also need to be removed in another operation after chemo. After that i get 33 radiatons on my breast and 15 on my neck.Because i had another tumor, means that the cancer went trough my blood already so they like to keep giving me this 2 therapys, anti-hormon and imunotherapy every 3 weeks by infuus, permanently. I will try to get this, but i also want to continue again travelling as i even realise more now that life is to short to wait to do what your dreaming of. It will be a bit challenging to combine my treatments with my travells as i also need an injection every 4 weeks to stay in menopause , this is part of the hormontreatment, and i will need to find a doctor everywhere i go to put me this. But i like challenges, these are the things that makes life not to boring ๐Ÿ˜‰.

Sh*t off your past is dung for the future ๐Ÿ’ช