Just perfect

I always tought that perfect does not excist. But i change my opinion. For the moment i am writing my blog from on a boat with sunrise. The first sunstrips on my face, the wind, a new iland right in front of us, without people living on it. Ready to go discover after our breakfast. Than doing some snorkeling in this big aquarium we call the sea.

Yesterday i saw turtels, golden rays, iguanas, seals, hammerhead-sharks and much more just in 30 minutes snorkeling. This lastminute cruise is already totally worth every dollar!

I was on an island and planned yo visit Galapagos on my own but discovered you can see much more remoted places with a cruise.

Today i just came back from snorkeling in the crater of a vulcano thats under the water now. Amazing!

Also how they respect nature here is lovely, we keep distance of the animals, only a few groups a day can go on this remoted islands. But sometimes the animal just come close to you ass they don’t pay to much attention to people. They would walk over your feed πŸ˜ƒAmazing. One iland was full of redfoodboobys another with the blue foods and another full of cricketbirds(the ones with the red necks). Yesterday after dinner we sat on the deck, looking the milkyway and the sky full of stars. Untill unexpected some babyturtels swam around the boat and later some Galapagos sharkes to. In the night we always leave to a different island, this night we will pas the equator line with the boat. So the toilet will start flushing the other side πŸ˜ƒ.

The adrinaline just never ended. I didn’t want to go to sleep. We kept seeing amazing things, day and night. I just feel so alive here with all this nature! I feel like the most happy person in the world. Also sharing this moments with al the sweet people on the boat is great. Our groups was so nice, a great mix. My luck doesn’t stop. It is a big boat but he was not full so we were a small group. Our guide was such a smart and sweet guy to! He made it look like we were in a scene of National Geographic when he explained things. We walked on this islands watching all the animals while he was explaining what they were doing. πŸ€”πŸ˜‰

One evening he showed me the horoscopes in the stars, and we talked about life. We could talk about a lot of things because he also met already so many people. This is something i love in traveling, sharing moments, experiences and knowledge with other people. I am not a reader, but i love to learn from other people. the whole crew was just amazing, they even gived us some salsa lessons. And after every activity they were waiting us with some freshmade snack and juice 😍. Also with the weather and many other things i felt lucky. Some people had rain in Ecuador, i always had the sun untill now. Everything goes so well that i am scared sometimes, this was how it went the last 2 years before i discovered i had cancer. I am sometimes scared that everything goes that well that something very bad wil come after that. Because it is just to good to be true 😍. Because i had this experience once i guess i am a bit afraid now. But anyway, that is also a reason to enjoy untill the fullest. This cruise is something i give to myself after the challenges past year.

If people sometimes say they are jealous on my life, well maybe they should. Because i can’t describe how i feel inside, all these amazing moments are feeling so intens and beautifull.

I discovered it is more easy to feel happy if you keep challenging yourself and try to concur your fears. Many times after, you see that their was not really a reason to fear. It is good to push yourself sometimes to do this things you maybe don’t feel comfortable with. I can be hard with myself, what in the past , was a bad thing. But now i use this in a good way, like for moments like this. And my comfort zone became already something totally different than for example 10 years ago.

On this boat with all this happy feelings i had, at one time i realised again that i have cancer and i felt very emotional. I was thinking that this is so beautiful, life and that i want to see and experience so much more of it. I want it to be a never ending storyπŸ˜‰

(that was how my walk felt in the heat, on the next pictureπŸ˜ƒ) that is something i still need to challenge myself with, feelings. To just let them be their. And to accept that it is ok to feel sad or bad sometimes. I think that moment i letted the bad feelings of the past year, that i always pushed away, being their. I had to cry but infact it felt good (but i still cried secretly so nobody saw it πŸ˜ƒ).

I told my story while we had lunch, to the girls on the boat. I see i want to motivate people but also that it helps me to talk about it sometimes, to process this, what just happened the past year. When i start telling about the treatments and surgery’s and than the complication in between it is like a never ending story and all of this just happened in one year. Last year i was ready to start a surgery, lose my hair πŸ˜ƒ. Now i am here having the best time of my life. But i think i need to talk about it sometimes to give it a space and think back at it ass everything happened so fast and i just passed it without to much thinking.

My life is always about extremes. I am not good in finding balance. I always go from one extreme to the totally opposite. That is also how i feel with my emotions. I need to work on this.

Now i am in a guesthouse, ready to leave a bit later the Galapagos. I wish i could stay here a few months. The nature here is so beautiful. I applied for some voluntary work here but i don’t know if they will call me. Because mostly they are looking for students in biology or people with their TFLteacher courses and i don’t have this. But if they do, i come back!

The only thing here is, it are islands and they are so hot! The heat is crazy. My last 2 days i started getting problems on my lip. Of course, something with my body had to happen again πŸ™„. I am not surprised. I think my body is still weak and sensitive. So i got this blisters on my lip, i think because of the sun. Very painful 😬. Especially because i wanted to keep snorkeling and seeing stuff but with this things in the sea …😬, i still enjoyed but with a bit of pain. This is something i had a lot the past year, i kept enjoying but always i had to cary some problems with me somewhere on my body because of treatments. Some pain, skinproblems, like the abces in my breast, nails that growed in my skin, drains i had to cary with me …

Also because my lymphnodes are removed and I can’t swet, i felt some pressure with the heat under my arm. Normally i should be in the extremely heat, but this animals are all on this island so i don’t have the choice πŸ˜‰. Also this pressure is not to bad.

The last day of the cruise i felt the adrenaline was leaving and my energy was very low. These days were amazing, visiting island, watching how births and other animals live and snorkel, but tiring. So i fly back to Quito and will take it a bit easy for a few days.

Also it is time for my 4 weekly injection that i have with me. So i will need to find a doctor in Quito to put this. After i always have a headache so i will need to rest a bit, also the altitude there is much higher again these things together will maybe give more headache. I wanted to hike the cotopaxi vulcano when i am back in Quito, something around 6000m high πŸ˜πŸ‘. But i heard it is raining a lot for the moment.

During travells, i try to pay attention on my food and try to get enough vitamines ass my immunesystem is still more weak. But this is not always easy, ass the cheapest meal is mostly chikken or fish with a lot of rice and not to much vegetables or non. Sometimes it comes with a soup. But once you want to eat salads or stuff like that it gets more expensive so i try to find hostels with a kitchen so i can go buy vegetables and cook myself. I also like that, discover markets and cook, it makes me feel like i am home.

On that cruise it was no problem of course, all we needed!

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