A chemoday

Today it is Tuesday, weekly routine, hospitalday. Yesterdayevening and this morning i toke cortisonepills, always the evening before chemo and in the morning to not feel sick. They always give an energyboost normally, but as i am getting more tirred the boost is not that big anymore, lets say that they just keep me more awake now. At 7.45 am my budy/friend Jolien picked me up. After we checked in in the reception to get the bracelet for the dayhospital.We went to the room to wait for the nurse to come take my blood, this to check if i am ok to start the chemo. I think we wil sit here a few hours because i have the chemo today and also my two other therapy’s i get every 3 weeks. It is my second last chemo today. The other ons i wil keep getting every 3 weeks.

First we always instal ourselfs

It is getting more and more hart putting the infuus. When the nurse came to put the infuus and take blood, She had to try 3 times today, awch this was paintfull.

Also my doctor already came to look and gived me my paper in English for if i go travelling ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜.

The bloodcells where ok so they ordered the chemo. When the products arrived, we started with the treatments, first the anti-hormons and imunotherapie. The first one was over 30minutes and finished around 11am.

After every treatment they always clean the vains 10minutes with some kind of water i think. Then i have to call to put the next product. We were talking so much that i called after 30minutes in stead of 10๐Ÿ™„ to start with the next one, because i forgot about it. So it is already almost 12am when we start the next product.

In this time some friends, also past by because they were aroundโค๏ธ.

After they gived me the second therapy.

Still 5minutes to go on the movie

When it is empty it makes a noice and i have to call one of the sweet nurses. They come change it again to the water (i guess) to clean again my vains 10minutes. Than i call again for the next treatment.i am lucky with the nurses in the hospital even they are always busy, they are very sweet and always smile to me.

It’s the chemo now , taxol it calls . 10minutes before starting i get my icegloves and iceshoes to protect my hands ad feets from tingling and my nails from turning black. my feets got ice packages instead this time because their were no iceshoes for the moment. For everything a solution.

Getting the chemo itselfs, takes again 30 minutes. Than again calling the nurse, cleaning my vains 10minutes and keeping the icegloves on for 10more minutes. After that they come to remove everything, and we can go.

Finished for today. The poison to makes me better is all in me again๐Ÿ˜‰. But now you see that getting chemo is not just get the infuse en get started. I think i got home around 2.30pm or 3pm.

Back home, with the paper they gived when we left with my 12th and last chemodate for next week on it๐Ÿพ๐ŸŽ‰!

I was curious about a kind of meditation so in the evening i decided to go to an informationevening, i thought the cortisone would keep me awake but it didn’t. I always like to learn about new things but in the middle of the session I got so sleepy. I think this is not the best moment for me to do things like that๐Ÿ˜ƒ.

Today, Wednesday, the day after, i feel strange this morning. I think it is still the effect of the cortisonepills. I feel still tired but also my heart beat fast and i feel kind of happy, euphoric. I would like to do many things but my body say no. I get almost dizzy of it. But also my belly hurts. The solution, just take a seat and open one of the envelopes in the box, of the present my friend gived me. I decided to take one that makes me laugh:

In the afternoon i went exploring some more of the city with a friend. I enjoyed the afternoon and i felt pretty good. eating some carotcake with my Carotโค๏ธ

Luckily i went home on time because in the evening my belly started hurting. My neck also get scratchy again, i guess the product started working again.

Also my eye hurts sometimes, it feels like their is some piece of glass in it. For that i need to put drops in my eyes because the chemo makes that my eyes start crying sometimes or sometimes it makes them very dry. It is like being very allergic of something. So now i know how that feel to ๐Ÿ™„.

It is Thursday today, my nose also started hurting again inside and i feel nauseous . Also i am tired so i take it easy and stay in my couch.it is a rainy day anyway. And i need to rest a bit because i have visit tonight.

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