A little update how it went…

I am back on the midcare now. Yesterday i got the surgery. Omg i forget the feeling when you have to lay on the surgery table and they prepare you to finally put you a sleep. The only thing i felt before was fear, of not knowing how i will be when i wake up. And i have to admit i went in around 8am, at 12 pm i saw i was waking up, I felt like sh*t, the pain was like when i got my necksurgery. So much that i feel that i couldn’t handle this much pain for to long. Luckely i was still allowed to get a lot of painmedication so i was sleepy and slept trough the pain and also the medication made it a bit more manageable. I also had to trow up because of some heavy pressure in my head.

In the night it looked like blood but apparently it was ‘gall’ . I don t know if i had to feel any better with knowing that. I stayed untill today in the intensife care, where people took very good care of me. In the evening i even had limited visit even i was only half there and a bit weird, it was nice to see people i love. I think from now on it will be step by step doing things on my own again. I had a bandage around my head and no idea what was under that but today they removed and i still have a lot of hair left luckely🙏. They removed the thing in my head and i should get news later in one of the weeks what exactly it is. I got 15 stitches after and this morning,after pulling out a drain out of my head they putted 2 more stitches🙈. Normally when i will be recovered i will.only need some radiations to make sure all is gonne. But we will discuss this also later.

From tomorrow i should be able to go out of my bed again🙈. The pain is also already much better, and i am more hungry than nautious now what is also a good sign😉. I know this will take time again to heal and that i still have a way to but one step at a time, one day at a time i am doing this and at the end i will enjoy continuing my dreams going to Asia, twice as hard i think.

When i hear the nurses sharing my story to eachother when they do the handover standing at my door. They always start the story, this is valerie , then sharing my past with my first surgery in the breast, than the one in my breast again, the armpit and my neck. I always realize hearing this that i went already trough a lot of surgerys with this cancer and i don’t want to put myself on a troon but i think i am proud on myself that i keep standing up and go trough pain, mentally and physically. I think it helps me everytime realizing that i have to live taking care of.myself and stop worrying about everything els. That this life i got is mine and at the end i am the one going trough it, of course i love to share my love with all people around me but i know i need sometimes to be a bit more kind with myself before i want to share so much. So maybe this was another wake up call for me to be more kind to myself because i am only learning the hard way🙈.

Much bigger than i expected 🙈
But well done so i can cover it up 🙏


  1. Dear Valérie, I think you should be very proud of yourself! Your friends, please count me in that group, are very aware of your fighting nature, your spirit, and your strong will to live. You have endured with courage. You are a remarkable person. Be positive. Enjoy every day!


  2. We are cheering you on. Speedy recovery and yes, some self love is definitely the order of the day!
    Lots of love to you.


  3. Liefste Valerie,
    Spijtig dat ik jouw niet kan bezoeken, een beetje ver vanuit Andalusië.In ieder geval ben ik heel blij dat alles goed is verlopen, ik probeerde je te bellen eergisteren maar zal een drukke dag geweest zijn voor jouw.Ik probeer later nog eens!Ik voel met je mee, ik vind het zo mooi dat je je zo kwetsbaar op stelt, inderdaad, je hebt al wat stormen getrotseerd maar ik weet& ik lees het hier ook dat je vertrouwde ankers je de kracht zal geven om vlot te revalideren& te vertrekken om je droom in Azië waar te maken!
    Dikke zoenen & nog heel veel sterkte


  4. Lieve Valerie , het traject dat je doorloopt, ( en reeds doorlopen hebt) is pittig/heftig… ik bewonder je moed en kracht waarmee je dit alles doorstaat en toch nog steeds je positieve zelf bent. Hou Azië maar in je gedachten, dat komt nog.. een dikke en warme knuffel van Chris (mama van Jolien) PS. Ik denk nog vaak aan ons kerstfeest samen.


    • Dank je Chris doet me plezier,ja die rollercoaster kan er soms wel hevig aan toe gaan maar mensen zoals jij geven me dan alleen maar meer positive energie, als ik die warmte voel wil ik er alleen maar meer van en dus wel nog even blijven om die te kunnen ervaren;)! En , topteam dat jullie weer geweest zijn vorig weekend.xxx


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