Getting our life back

After being in Belgium for several months and after being ‘Locked up’ at home, we are getting our life back. The life we were missing when we had to sMy boyfriend is studying for the moment because he will need to do tests again before getting back to work.

I will go to Bulgaria next week , also guests will come back to his house for airbnb and in july we go back to Spain normaly. Going to continue our dream, looking for the house were we want to start our bnb. When we got the news for my boyfriend to do the tests, we were excited, me to. I felt like everythinng becoms ‘normal’ again. I was thinking what i would do now if everything would be back to normal, and i would leave a bit to get some new energy again. Going on a little trip… i think it is time again 😁👏. That is why i will go to Bulgaria.

During Corona lock down, i wanted back our life so hard, but now i realise sometimes i will mis our moments together stuck at home. Waking up, knowing we can’t go anywere so doing simpel things like making bracelets, experimenting together in the kitchen,…

My boyfriend , with a lot of protection, after getting wounded badly last time, testing some machine in the kitchen😂

When we got a bit more freedom The last month. we went to walk in the Belgian nature ‘Ardennen’. It was beautiful, if we weren’t stuck i would maybe never have seen this. Also we went walking on the beach, what i enjoyed a lot. We really appreciated the freedom we had again and enjoyed moments exploring Belgium.

We celebrate my bday also in Coronatimes, drinking gin tonic, eating french fries and going to bike on electrical bike for 2. I got the bikride as a present of my sister in law and my brother. A bike for 2, the ultimate relationtest😉. We had fun, past that test very easily 😉 because we are a topteam,but the electrical function died before we were back so i think we also got our excercise, biking 60km👍. Very different bday again than other years. I saw now with the Corona, that whatever is coming or whatever happens, we always find our way to enjoy moments and getting the best of this moments!

One thing i know for sure after this time, i still love him as much as before and even more! We past this together and i know whatever is coming, we will pass it, together, having funny moments, good talk moments, lazy moments, sad moments, … i think we experienced a lot of different moments during corona, and i feel like it only made our connection stronger and it made me see how much i love him and also how i can change some things of myself to make the best version of me. If i think about all out times together the last months, my haert is glowing. Also together with the children we i enjoyed our time locked up at home a lot. Beiing excited they were coming home and that we had time we spend together.

We also did many familyvisits, i realise now when we go back home to Spain this will not happen anymore that easily. Deciding to pass next week to the house of family.

But i am still very excited also for going back to Spain ! I just felt i got integrated, meeting so many nice people over there to! The weather will also already be amazing. Our swimmingpool will be warmed up :), and probably very dirty haha. Also when we will have time again next month,!we can explore again new places around together if we want.

During corona i did some tests to see if i have lymphodeem in my arm. I do have it, so we discused with the professor about a surgery i could to to prevent it becoms worser. He would connect a lymphvain with a bloodvain. Probably this will happen in September, it is a very microscopical surgery. I will feel nothing but the doctor will need some time to do work.

The test was very interesting, putting with injections some green stuf between my fingers and see it going to different places with some light ,we could follow on the television. Another test was injecting radioactive product between my fingers, than i had to lay down under the scanningmachine for 1h30, after walking around and moving my arms one hour and after again 30minutes under the machine. This kind of tests are helping you to keep patient for longtime😁. I already got so much radioactive stuf in my body, i think i will be radiative soon 😃.

Another thing i realised during Corona is that the hormontherapy that i have is starting to give more troubel than i wanted to realise. I have a lot of infections in my body, than my hand hurst our my back, my feed, many places, like i got hit or hurt my ankle for example without doing anything . Maybe also it is not always an infection, i don’t know excactly what it is but i feel a lot in my body and it are no nice feelings. Sometimes i feel like my body is Already getting old. Also because of the hormontherapy i am in my menopause and i feel sideeffects of this. I was always blaming this feelings on the chemotherapy i got in the past. But i looked one day the side effects of my hormonmedication and i recognise a lot. Now i am in a relationship, i also feel more ‘problemes’ from the menopause. Still i should continue this for many years but i am a bit worried this is doing many bad things to my body. I wrote my doctor about this and she would talk about it to the other doctors in my hospital. Maybe there are other pills i could try or something… i know this therapy is something i should continue because it protects me so that it is important.

My cancer is hormonsensitive, what means that hormons could feed the cancer so that new tumors could grow. So now they blocked this hormons with giving me monthly injections to keep me in menopause and i need to take pills for this ‘anti-hormontherapy’, because infact it is to stop hormons. I don’t get the hormon ‘Oestrogeen’ anymore what could give me this problems in my body. I have my 3 monthly bloodtest almost so then i will see my oncologist and we will talk about this.

For the moment i have so many feelings. Happy ones, because i know many good times are coming. And also, i think because i know i will leave soon, i even realise more i should enjoy all the moments here in Belgium to. Also because i am thinking back about the past months and i realise that i am very happy with my life, family and new family! My boyfriend and the children gived me also this amazing bdaypresent that they painted together for me! There is so much meaning in it and when i was reading there text they wrote on a card that came with the paintings i felt so much. The paintings are getting the best spot in our house 😍😁.

Ow yes and finaly we can have our social contact back so i also enjoyed this already and saw back friends, what also gives me energy

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