Is this what i want?

I sayed in my last post i hoped i stay healty longtime. After that i flew to Guadelajara. When i arrived i got this terrible stomachproblems again, for maybe the 4th time. This time it was more than a month ago, but i get this so much in Mexico when i don’t cook myself. Also this time is just the worst! I stayed in an airbnb and the first 3 days i couldn’t go anywhere. Only to the doctor, even i didn’t feel well and i felt so weak to get there. I really had to go get some medicine to help me as i sometimes can’t fight alone against this Mexican bacterials and i buyed many electrolides to not get dehydrated.

The doctor asked me if i eated a trombone ๐Ÿ˜ƒ, it where terrible days again. Going to the bathroom the whole day longue. This was around the 4th of July. I was ready to try to gain weight and i lost kilos again instead ๐Ÿ™„. Also i just could eat bread with jam. After 3 days i got better but i still felt and still feel now to, very nautious sometimes. I think it is my stomach that is a bit upset from the heavy medication. Some pills i got that i had to take 3 days and everything would be over. I finishes the medicine 2 days ago so it should get better now. Because i always have to push food inside even I don’t feel well and hope it also stays inside ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. It is enoying.

I have some amazing friends here who made me forget all that. I met my friend Nestor in Ghent one day, he was together with his mother on the bus and we started talking. She was ready to go to London and he had to stay a night somewhere so i offered him a place in my house. Now i came visit him and his girlfriend. They helped me a lot!

I need to do some checks to see how i am doing, some scans and blood tests. I didn’t really know where to start looking in this big city so they helped me calling around. All the labs and hospitals asked me witch place of the body i need a scan of, i answered all the places i wanted, infact it are all the parts. So sometimes they told me they don’t do that or they gived me a very high price. So after calling the whole day or more i gived up. I realised that even i will do all the tests i will still need a doctor to look at them for me so all together i could just go back to Belgium on my way to Nepal. So instead i booked a flight to do my tests in Belgium. I will stay a week or 2 there on my way in August. Do my checks so i can go to Kathmandu and be sure that i am doing ok physically. I really need to do this tests from time to time, even i feel pretty ok. But i also felt ok when i went the last time to Belgium a year ago so let’s hope it all will be really ok ๐Ÿคž. I don’t worry to much about that as i don’t take time to think about that, probably i will only be nervous after doing the test and the time before getting the results as i am an impulsive person and mostly first do and than think what is a good thing for these tests because i first have ‘to do’ and then see๐Ÿ˜ƒ.

Next to, the looking for a hospital we also did some fun things together. Going to explore the city, one day we went also to Tequila. It was a nice day, we stopped at some strange shaped piramides, rond ones. Unfortunately i had again bad luck with my stomach that day, i was so excited to try the tequila but i had many problems again that day. I buy tequila from tequila to try when my stomach is more steady. Anyway the town was also very cute to visit and the road to get there to.

Nestor his mom is a natural medicin doctor and gived me some proteine drink that i need to take a shot of every day to give my imunesystem a boost. It is something with egg and mill and fruit inside, and tast very nice. So sweet she gived me this!

I also met an American men in the hostel i stayed in Guadelajara the first days when i just arrived and was very sick. He was 62years, a bit older than me but we could talk longtime and had some good conversations about life. I saw again, after everything that happened to me, i can have this conversations very easily with all ages as i got some life experiences in my ๐ŸŽ’of life ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. Also i think that whatever people i talk to, younger, older, we can always learn from eachothers stories.

All my last experiences made me think a bit more about what i want. I still want to visit some places first to discover and maybe who knows to go back to, but only around Nepal and maybe India for the moment. I realised that life is about challenges. It is fun to me to go out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to do or see what you like. But, even i am going to this places less easy to get to, it don’t feel challenging to me anymore. Whatever transport i have to take to get there, how bad the roads are, it all feels like ‘normal’ now to me to have all this kind of experiences. How different cultures can be, i adapt and i think i understand now more why, our even if i don’t understand why they are different, i adapt and try to learn, we always have subjects to talk about (as i talK so much). But i feel it doesn’t make me that excited like before anymore.

I don’t really know if it is because i am tired and i have to push myself to do things. Our because it is just time to change and go slowly. Also I prefer sometimes to skip things and save money. I think when you do that in traveling, there is no point in visiting the place, when you don’t visit things to save money. Before i wanted to do everything and see everything. I am going now to Puerto Vallarta before leaving Mexico and after back to Playa. I start feeling home there in Playa del Carmen. Because i went there a few times, know the area, how to take transport, i made some friends,.. i feel more excited to have my own room without needing to take to much transport. To have a home for a little. To have my own place in a place i like. It gives me rest to pget energy back.

Maybe i should start thinking about the dream i had for the future. Starting a breakfast place somewhere in a sunny place, adopting a dog and planting my own fruit trees. I am just not sure if Asia or Mexico is my place to do this. That is why i first go back to the ‘other side’ again. I love Mexico but i met some people with airbnb’s and they told me some stories that made me hesitate…

Before stopping with visiting, i really wanted to see ‘San luis Potosi’ so i went there before going to Puerto Vallarta. It is a region with a lot of nature. I just didn’t realise that the region is so large and the busrides are always around 2 hours to see something else around the city. It is beautiful here! But it feels like i spend so much time sitting in this hot busses here, yess it is very hot in this area!

I stoped in a village on my way to go here from Guadelajara, because it is far to go in one time by bus, the village is called Guanajato. Very cute town!From there i took a blablacar(shared carride) to the capitale ‘San luis Potosรญ’ from there another 5h bus to ‘cuidad Valles’ what is a village in San Luis Potosi. (San luis is a state and the capitale also calls San luis, yess Mexico is hudge!!)

The public transport don’t really functions fluently here in Cuidad Valle ๐Ÿ˜ฌ. I lost hours with waiting and hours with sitting on this busses that stops every 5 minutes to go visit waterfalls that are again like each 2 hours away from ‘Valle’. I have to admit the waterfalls are just beautiful! . Most people rent a car our go on tours to see for example more waterfalls in one day. I tried to do that on my own yesterday but it was so much struggling that i booked myself a tour today on my last day. It is to go to this things in nature again that would be very hard by bus.

The thing is also, i am tired because i am still so sick in my belly. In the night it is terrible but in the day i take some pills to survive the day and to keep everything inside. It stays enoying ass i never know if the pills will work for the day. I know it doesn’t sounds very healthy but i will stop using the pills after i come from here and fly to Puerto Vallarta, maybe i go see a doctor again if it or just rest a full week! It always take ages to recover if i have a problem, i think this is still because of all the treatments last year that made me weak. Or maybe i have another problem now, maybe some parasites or something.

That is another reason I don’t like travelling to much anymore. I am just to tired and always sick on the way. This limits me to travel where i want or how i want. But instead of being angry for that i am thinking how i can change my life and be happy in a different way. Witch challenge i can do but also fits with my new ‘me’.

the tour was terrible, i took so many pills and was scared i had to go to the toilet. We went doing a little hike to see a big hole full with birds, what was very nice but i hiked with this pain in my belly and fear i had to go again to the toilet. It was such a long day from 8am till 10pm. That night also i was so sick again. We are 18 July now, i have this problem already 14days now. I think i need to find out why i have this problem with some doctor here in Mexico or maybe going a bit more early to Belgium so i have time to discover what it is and so it can be solved hopefully so i can have a ‘normal’ life again.

To go to Puerto Vallarta, i decided to fly there. I took this little airplane in an airport in San Luis Potosi, where shops are still under construction and there is not to much life. Also when i was there i got the news my airplane was 4h delayed it left at 9 pm instead of 5pm! 4h i was sitting there with nothing to see because it was all still construction, only one restaurant where we got a foodvoucher from to eat something. But i had again a lot of pain that evening so i was scared to eat to much so spending time in that restaurant was also not an option to me. I was sitting there hoping that my belly could hold it 4h more ๐Ÿ˜ฌ. It was a long evening, finally at 12pm i arrived in my airbnb and past down .Aandd, surprisingly the day after i was so much better, finally, i am so happy i can eat and drink coffee again ๐Ÿ˜.

Puerto vallarta was not to special to me, the beaches where beautiful surrounded by green but the city i don’t like to much. But to me, because i met back some friends there, it was a lovely time! I loved to hang out again , in one way or another i feel very good connected with them.

Also my host, the woman where i stayed was very sweet. Here house was a bit remoted, but that view ๐Ÿ˜.

And to be honest after 2 days i had to escape and move to another place as i found some bugs in my bed there. Very sad because she was very clean and when there was a prob she would have solved it immediately. But this is a probleme, that will need a bit of time to solve and it is a big fear of me. I always look for bedbugs if i arrive somewhere ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. This is also because since the therapys i always feel itchy, i take anti allergic pills sinds then, but it is like they don’t help anymore and i always feel like little bugs are walking on me , it is annoying. Before innever had this in travellig but now it makes me a bit paranoia like i always think there are bugs ๐Ÿ˜ฌ. So i always check and the worst is, many times there are! It is another thing i am tired of in travelling! I just want a clean and bug free bed but it seems like a challenge in some place if you don’t pay a lot. It is another problem this allergy for I don’t know what, but also i already made an appointment with a doctor in Belgium for that. I will see many hospitals and doctors again in this 2 weeks ๐Ÿ˜ฌ.

Now i am back in Playa del Carmen, the place that, people that travelling don’t like always to much because it is a bit busy and many tourist. But maybe that is why i love it, to live here it is great. You have everything close by, shops, supermarkets, beach, people, beautiful cenotes, and you can take the bus to the jungle to have some green.

i rent my little studio here for my last week and finally i feel like i can rest because i feel home. I found this deal, it is a really nice place, i would almost call it ‘fancy’ ๐Ÿ˜ƒ, but it was a good price and i need this so i sleep well and finally have some rest. Because since i was sick i always seems to find excuse to weak up early and to be busy the whole day, also when i will be in Belgium i will be again busy so now i take this week to relax and maybe hang out with some people on couchsurfing๐Ÿ˜. I already met some people that gived me info about how living here is, and where foreigners could find a job. Mostly in resorts ass there are so many here. Maybe i should look into this๐Ÿค”.

Otherwise , the only mission i have is , find another doctor again that can put my 4 weekly hormoninjection. But this is not a problem because i already did this once here in Playa so i already have my doc here ๐Ÿ˜ƒ.

Also today i go see some houses to rent with somebody, just to have an idea.

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