Busy again

Yes i feel i am getting more busy again. What is a good thing because it means i have more energy again to do things. What in Belgium mostly of the time is, going to eat or drink 😃.

I got the results of my scans and they looked good👍. Also my belly finally recovered from that foodpoissening of Mexico. For the moment i am on my way again on a long flight to Guatemala. I got to try already many airplane companies and i think this one with Iberia is really nice for one to central America! A lot of movies and pretty good food. So perfect start from this trip. I already booked this trip before deciding i will leave for longer time so i only have 2 weeks and i will go back to get the therapy one more time.

Also to pick up my injections i will take with me and other things… I realised i should take a new bankingcard, and my pasport is full again so i orderd a new one. Many other little things that will keep me busy when i will be back. And of course also many meetups with people i will miss.

i stayed the night before flying at a friends house because he lives in Brussels and brought me early morning to the airport. So sweet of him. I realised after bein sick this year, next to my family, that i got this group of people in Belgium, that i will always be happy seeing back when i will come back. This people who gived a lot of their time to me, and after sitting a year still in Belgium, i know how valuable time is and appreciate this a lot. Soon i land in Guatamala. I booked a hostel for my first night but missed again from bookingdate 🙄. I hope they kept me a bed for tonight ass they didn’t respond my mail anymore. I feel a bit stupid flying so far again and flying back again and than this direction again. But anyway, i will enjoy.

Many hikes you can do their. But i will try to keep myself calm because i think i still need to recover a bit from being sick in Mexico and also from all what happened the past year. I know i only can get stronger if i give enough rest to myself, but at the same time to also start doing again things and moving enough. Sometimes it is hard to find this balance. Mostly the resting part is when i went already to far in the moving part ,the doing to much for the energy i have😃.

I am already a few days in Guatamala now, for the moment i am staying around this lake. In a hostel with view on the lake from your bed, amazing😍.

I was very tired the first days, but i am now already 3 days around the lake and i think i took enough rest. I just took some Spanish classes every day , because of this i couldn’t do to much anymore the rest of the day next to walking around a bit and exploring. And hanging out with nice people i met. But i am planning now to hike a vulcano because things like this are also the things that are giving me energy.

I decided to do a half day hike, on a vulcano close to Antigua, it is like 5h, one of the smaller ones, their are also several day hikes. I would love to do that but i guess i should still take it easy. Getting to know my body again after all this things. After that i go see some beautiful nature. For this you need to take this 8h busride that is apparently a crazy busride but totally worth it.

When i just arrived i needed some time and i even didn’t want to do all of this but after taking it easy until now i need to do things again and be busy😁. That is the nice thing in travelling, you are free and have a lot of options. If you like to be busy, you can be busy in different ways, doing outdoors, learning language, just doing nothing and enjoying the place, hanging out with people….depending on how you feel that day.

Again in this trip i feel that i am much more on my own, (not that much but more than before)people ask if i want to join to go somewhere, before i always join, but now i sometimes say no and prefer doing my own things. Like now i have some spanish classes. I take this around this lake because many people offer here, my teacher is this local girl from a village, i love to talk with her she is really sweet.

In the beginning i was also a bit careful with the cleanness of places where i stayed because i get easily infections and things but I realised that i can’t pay to much attention on this if i want to travel cheap so i let this go already again and i am doing great untill now😃. Also i see that maybe this is a bit a thing not only because i have cancer but when you are used to have all this luxury again in Europe, i think we are used to a lot back home maybe a bit to much. And it take some time to adapt again to less, but just a little time😁. Especially on places like around a lake you should be happy with just the basic things and be happy when you have cold water at least.Because i only had water at a certain time in one of the hostels😬.

As long as their are no bedbugs we should be happy😃.

I got back in Antigua from around the lake, Today one day later, i woke up at 5 am to hike on the vulcano. A minivan came pick me up. I have to say, that i am surprised about my fitness level. I got up as first 😁. It was only 2500m but a good start again. It was on an active vulcano where you could heat up marshmallows on the top 😁. I never tried this before so this was my first hot marshmallow experience 👍. We hiked up with a group, nice people. And we got back around 2 in the afternoon. Now it is 5, and i could really use a nap😬. I wanted to get to know my body again. And i think i could start doing more again but maybe easily. I only have a big headache now because i think i am tired and maybe the sun and altitude. I guess i should just go to bed early because tomorrow i have this wild bus ride.

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