Travelling bee against cancer

I’m busy with radiatherapy for the moment. I finished already 7 times from the 30. I get radio’s on 3 places on my body. For the moment i don’t really feel something from this, it is a bit harder to swallow because also they put radio’s on my neck but it is still not really enoying. Also i maybe should plan some more rest in my days during these radio’s because today, Friday, i planed again many things in one day and had to cancel a coffeedate in the afternoon to take a rest because i was out of energy. I went early morning to the radiations, i go every weekday. Maybe i feel also tired because of this radiations or maybe i still feel tired from the operation or the chemo, or the hormonpills, it can be many things. Also feelings i have in my body, they can be from many things, i don’t know anymore.

I started taking these hormonpills, femara, almost at the same time as i started chemo. My doctor wrote once a paper to go get them in the pharmacy and told me i can start taking them at the same time as the radiations. When i had the pills at home and nobody really told me it is time to take them, i moved every day the day that i had to start taking them and so i started to take them 2 days later. I got them from the pharmacy, like you get Dafalgans, take one a day, but they are way more scary than Dafalgans to me. They put me in the menopause and i don’t know what they wil do again with my body, like with many other things i already took or stil take.

Now i take them already a few days and i think i don’t feel to much from this pills, just that i can not fall asleep easy because i always have to hot.

I decided to keep on doing what i want with my life because the day i will die i want to be happy, and if think back i want to be able to say: “wow i had a great life.” If people would ask me what i wanted to change, i want to be able to say that i liked it just the way it was, with the good and bad moments in it like we all have. I hope everybody who is reading this, is thinking the same about their lifes, if not, maybe you should think about these questions…

I will keep writing because i will continue travelling and try to combine this with getting my treatment.This can become an interessting blog πŸ˜‰. I will start packing soon again as their is maybe already somebody interested in renting my house. I am sick and i go travell, i really hope i motivate people with this and show them that they have the power to decide about their own lifes because if i can do this, with the less energy i have sometimes and all these feelings in my body, you could all also do what you like. It is easy, just don’t think to much and do because with the thinking part we can lose time and sometimes thinking to much don’t make it more easy to make decisions .

Wednesday i met up with a friend from the US, that i met once in Sri Lanka. We travelled a bit together their. Now we met in Belgium and it is great to see that he didn’t went home since then, and that he is still enjoying what he is doing, travelling, working on the way. It made me exited to leave again. Always when i meet this people, travelling, i get so much motivation, i don’t know why. also a little when i met cute puppys 😍 like i did that same day 😁

Maybe it is because we have a lot in common mostly? And because people travelling, open theirselfs very fast because their is not much time so you connect more easily and it feels good to connect with people. I am going to Mexico after radiations, i guess i will need to take it easy again as i will work on getting back energy slowely. So still no crazy hikkes for me, i think…πŸ˜ƒ. I wil come back in Januari to celebrate the hollidays with my family, also their is some revalidation programme you can follow in hospital to start getting energy back but slowly. I guess i will also follow this before i leave again because if i will try to get my energy back alone i know i will go to fast. And regret afterwards.

Next Tuesday, i have my 3 weekly immunotherapie again, it will be a busy hospitalday because i get radiotherapy in a hospital in Ghent every day. This imunotherapy i go get in a hospital in Aalst first Tuesdaymorning before i will get the radio’s in the afternoon. I am already a bit nervous to go get this, because last time i got this injection against alergical reactions first together with cortisone and something else and it made me feel very strange. So even the therapy itself don’t gives me side effects, the medication i get before the therapie does. But let’s see what happens it is still far away, i have first a whole hospitalfree weekend πŸŽ‰πŸ˜. And my buddy/friend πŸ˜‰ will be their so i can’t become a that bad day.

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