I can’t stay positive the whole time 😬


Today i got an allergical reaction on my therapy, I couldn’t breath very well and it hurted, they look to be very careful with this because the nurse didn’t leave me. The doctor decides to quiete giving me the product for today. I got some cortisone and after a while it went better. But it sucks, i already wasn’t sure of continuing and this made me really want to quitte.

I told my plans to my doctor, that i want to go live somewhere to teach.

She told me ,again, that my cancer is agressive (it is like i never heared this, i never really listen to this and always try to ignore i guess because I don’t want to accept) and i shouldn’t stop treatment because i could have a new tumor somewhere else, because i already had one before in my neck. This one is removed, but it went trough my blood…. Because of that they also want me to keep doing a scan every 3 months.

So i will think again about future plans. I think i will need to change again some things. And start looking where i can go live and keep having this. Alsonhow i can keep being insured for this .

They will discuss before Thursday if they will start giving me this pills for 5 years that will makes me go in my menopause 🤞😳. I am already nervous for Thursday, i have an appointment with my gynecologist, who will tell me more …

What a day , i was thinking it would be another regular day with treatments. I am back home now but feeling frustrated. I think i stoped loving surprises.

I just took a shower to relax a bit. I feel much better again. I looked in the mirror and i had to smile because I have already so much hair again! I also thought back on things my friend told me today when he kept me company , and i also had to smile again.

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  1. Bonsoir Busybee,
    j’ai 48 ans et j’ai subi un traitement tres lourd en 2014 ( chimio neo adjuvante, mastectomie, rayons et hormonotherapie (Nolvadex puis Aromasin) Je retravaille actuellemnt a temps plein et profite de la vie a 100%. Accrochez vous et croyez en la médecine cela vaut la peine . C’est un ou deux ans entre parentheses mais combien nécessaires.
    courage !!!!
    et félicitations pour votre blog, car comme celui d’isabelledelyon cela aide beaucoup d’entre nous,
    R M

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