A ‘few’ hours in the hospital 😬

Yesterday, Monday, i had to go get my 2 therapy’s in hospital, the immuno and anti-hormontherapy, around 12pm. Normally they each take 30 minutes and after each of them cleaning the vains 10minutes. Normally i had to get this 2 things first and after i had to go get results of my last tests i did last week, at 16h in the department gynecology. But everything changed because i told, i was having this pain last weeks around my haert, the doctor didn’t want to start giving the treatments before doing another haertscan. They already put the infuse ready but i had to go first to another department. When something like this comes in between, you know you will be their for a longtime. I did the scan but i had no time anymore for the treatments before going to the gynaecoloog because it was already almost 16h. And after the haertscan i first had to wait the results from this before starting the treatments, so the time i got this, it was 16 and time to see the gynecologist. luckely we have free coffee for waiting 😁

So first i went getting my results who were all good 👍.

Nothing new came up on the scans. She gived me information about my next operation that will be already on 11 September. They will cut some more out, in my breast again to be totally sure the tumor is totally removed, because i removed this tumor in another hospital without knowing first it was a tumor, so they didn’t operate to remove a tumor but a ‘cyst’.

At the same time they will also remove my lymph nodes under my arm because the cancer was spread into them to. The weeks after, i will need nurses to come to my home because i will need to have this drain for a few weeks (can be untill 6weeks) on me, i think i will have this drain for this longtime because after chemo it takes a bit longer. Also i will need to go to a physiotherapist to practice so i can lift my arm up again.

But, so because i leave Wednesday to Cuba untill 8 September, i also needed to do already my pre operative research because i will not have time anymore to go back to the hospitall to do this before the operation. Because this will happen already 3 days after i am back. This was again on a different department in hospitall. Finally after this, i could go back to the dayhospital to get my 2 treatments. I think i was one of the last people on a department because it looked much more quiet. I also got very tired on that point and regretted that i went by car. I left the hospital around 19h. I had to be very concentrated on the road and putted the music very loud to stay ‘fresh’. I was happy to be home and relax.

Normally the next coming 14 days should be hospitalfree 🎉🎊👍😎.

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