My chemoday that ended up in the sky

Yes they don’t have to be scary😉. I got already 9 chemo’s, 3more to go over 4 weeks. It’s getting harder but also i start seeing the end.

Yesterday, i had many treatments in one day. Chemotherapie, anti-hormone therapie and immunotherapie, that means spending many hours in the hospital.

I am very lucky to have met my budy, she is a girl that is voluntury for the cancerorganisation in Belgium. Sinds i am not good in exepting help or asking help, i gived it a try to get myself a ‘budy’. And it is great that i did because that is how i met here. Now she always joins me to hospital, she is really an amazing person.

When we arrived, they put the infuse and take blood like always to see if i have enough white bloodcells to get the chemo. At the time they exame the blood they already start giving me the 2 other treatments trough the infuse. It was a busy chemoday this time, or maybe it was like every time but i just got more and more tired so it feels more busy. I got visit from the social worker of the department to see how i was doing, i had some questions about getting treatment out of Europe, for my further future also we talked about my next operation that i will get in September. Than the nurologe came to check how i was doing, this happens every time. This time my docter was on holliday so it was another one and to be honest i was ok with this for one time because he was a cute one 😁. They always ask if i have complains, infact i should start writing them down because when they ask i never know anymore the problems i had, because i never focus to much on them. After that a woman past in the room to chat a little, she is a voluntury to from the cancerorganisation and go visit the people from time to time in the room, she is very sweet to.

Inbetween the nurses are passing to start the treatments and change from one to another treatment. My bloodcells where ok so i also got my chemoproduct. During they give that product they give me iceshoes and gloves to protect my feets and hands from having this strange feeling. The iceshoes are new for me, i asked them because sometimes when i just walk around i start having this strange feeling in my leggs and feets , it is not paintfull but a bit anoying. Luckely i don’t have it a lot in my hands, i think because i was wearing the handgloves from my first treatment already. One of the nurses gived us some haerts of candy she is really lovely! Infact all the nurses of that hospital are, it’s so busy but they are always very nice to me and smiling. When i was finished they took out the infuse, my vain bursted again, this was quiet paintfull. My body is getting a bit more sensitive now and my vains are getting harder of all the chemo i already got.

We arrivee at 8.30 and around 13h everything was finished , they gived me my next chemoappointment for next tuesday and another appointment next week to have a scan of my heart, this because i get this 2 other therapies that they will keep giving me every 3 weeks, to see if they don’t cause damage to my heart with this therapies, i wil need to do a haertscan every 3 months.

the day of chemo i never really feel the products, only when i get it, it start tasting a bit strange in my mouth. The day before the treatments and the morning itself from the treatments, i need to take cortisonepills to not feel sick. They give me a boost of enery when they start working. The night before i did not sleep well and , even the last week i was so tired, that day i had a lot of energy, more than normall. I like to have that feeling again for a little that i have back my energy. But when they stop working one day after, the energy is gonne again.

When i came home, my nose started bleeding, again 🙄.

I took advantage of my energy untill the fullest that day. I went drinking a coffee with a friend i didn’t see longtime after, we chatted a lot. And she gived me a plant, i love plants ❤️😁. When i came out of the hospital i also got a phonecall from the airballooncompany, a week ago i got a present from the organisation ‘think pink’ , that is another organisation in Belgium that support people with breastcancer. I wrote them an article. The company told me that they had space in the evening to go fly and that the weather was good to pass over Ghent so we can see the festival that is happening now from the top. I was really happy to hear that and still full of energy so i called my budy back , who already dropped me back home, and asked here if she could join.

In the evening we went doing the balloonflight. It is nice to share this moments with here because i feel she is helping me a lot. Also i think it is really nice of the breastcancercare organisation that they gived me this!

After the balloonflight they cleaned up everything, we drunk a glas of cava and drove back to Ghent. I think it was midnight, so a really longue day for a chemoday, my eyes where already very little on the pic :). I already had this feeling that i wil need to give something back for this the day after, i mean with this that i will be very tired and will need to rest. And i was wright, this night i got a bit sick and had stomachpain, but i always get from the products. Also today i think i will need to rest a lot because i am very tired again, but it is ok, because even it was a chemoday yesterday, it was a lovely day! I talked with many nice people and shared a great new memory ❤️

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