This morning i woke up because my nose started bleeding again because of chemo.

It’s not a big deal, but just another sign, chemo is doing many things with your body and it is working πŸ˜‰.

Also , they say chemo makes holes in your brain.

I am already a person who is confused a lot and forget things, but now i feel that i am terrible with this. I always have to look longtime to find things back that i just putted away, i lose so much, even i had it in my hands 2 sec before. I have to write something down fast, if i have to remember. I am getting a chemobrain i guess.

For the moment i also have a lot of little wounds, they look like burns. Also not a big deal but i tell this,to let know that chemo makes the skin dry, and sensitive. I think it is important to take care a bit more of your body while you are having treatment.

Also your nails are like paper. You get broken nails, they gives me a product to protect a bit against this but i feel it is not really helping for me. Or maybe i am a bit to lazy to put it a lot πŸ˜ƒ. But i should because it can be painful to have chipped nails.

All this things are because chemo kills the bad cells in your body but it don’t know witch one are the bad, so also good ones die. That is why it makes your immune system more weak and you get more sensitive to catch a cold for example, if somebody around you has it.

Another thing i am feeling for the moments is, the strange feeling in my hands and feet , like they tingle. Or, i also discovered i even lost some feeling in my feet! Somebody was giving me a footmassage the other day, normally i can’t handle because it tickles, now i even don’t feel somebody touch my feets 😬.

I don’t feel this things to much. I noticed that i feel this things more on moments like this when i am hanging in my couch.(with in the back my beautiful painting another amazing person made for me❀️)

But when i am good, enjoy moments or i am busy, i don’t pay attention and i ignore. So i think it is good to keep doing things , enjoying, and have some movement if you have energy or have other distraction.

Now i just hang here in my sofa, i was looking some of the things people gived to me , like candles, letters ,pics. It shows again how nice people are and makes me happy, also motivates me😁

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