People make me happy :).

It is amazing to see how ‘human’ people are!

Sinds i am sick i get offered so many help! It comes sometimes from people i even didn’t know before. I am practicing on accepting a bit more help now because i realised i can not do everything on my own. But it still feels very new and strange.

But it makes me happy just to see that in life maybe everyone is busy but if someone has problems, we are their for eachother. I already travelled before with my way of thinking ‘people are nice everywhere’.

Now i am sick it proofs me again i am right. People are lovely!

Maybe in this article i don’t only talk about the moment that i am sick but also before. I met people everywhere around the world, i talk about people close by for the moment and also far away, i know if i feel bad, lonely, happy,.. they are their for me, even we sometimes only met very short. People i just met, people i know longtime.

That is why i also want to say everyone ‘Thank you!’ And that i feel very gratefull to have people around me.

This pics are some memorys of great moments and great people, friends, family who gived/give me this amazing, warm feeling , but their are so much more who are not on the pics !😊🤗

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