Chemo sucks

Yesterday i passed the helft of my chemotreatment. Juij!

I have to go one day a week to get the chemo together with 2 treatments i will need to get forever.

The 2 other treatments i get also with a drip, herceptine and anti-hormoon therapy. I get this treatments because my cancer is sensitive for something we have in our body so if i stop this products i would give ‘food’ to the cancer. Thats why they want to give this 2 treatments forever and never want to stop them.

The next week i only have chemo and the week after i got a week to recover , so a week off.

Yesterday i had to go back after having my week off. It sucks. I start to feel a little normal again and have to go back, put poissen in my body to get better. Thats how i see it, chemo is making yourself sick to get better. Because before i felt great actually.

But at the end it is not so bad like i expected.  I stil can do many things! Just, i have to take it easy, and that is a challenge for me.

Sometimes i can do things but maybe very short like 2-3 hours and them i need to go rest. That can be a bit lonely in summer because many things to do, many people ask to do fun things and the days are long, while i am sometimes watching series. But it is only temperary so it is ok.

I hate the night before going to the chemo. I have to take some medication with cortisone the night before and in the morning of the chemo. The pills are helping to not feel to sick. I think the combination of this pills and knowing i have to go to the hospital makes me sleep bad. The pills making me swet a lot the night before😬.

I woke up early. But normally i wake up around 6 to get ready to take the train.

When i arrive in hospital they give me a bed. I am always prepared with my tablet some food and drinks to make it a bit cosy 😁. I started from the beginning to go alone to the chemo because that is how i am and i don’t mind. I am never borred, watching series, hanging on the phone,..

They take bloodpressure, put the needle and take a sample of blood to see if you have enough red and white bloodcells, if not they can sent you back home to rest. Luckely i always could start untill now. When they see everything is ok they order the chemoproduct and when it arrive we start.

If they need they can always change the chemomix a bit, like my first time i got a lot of acne, my oncologist changed the chemo a bit and the next time i had a lot less. Or i told her i get very tired and she made it a bit lighter.

I always get icegloves. They protect me from not getting a strang feeling in your fingers, because of the product. Sometimes they can be painfull because it can get very cold and i hold them for 45minutes. But i prefer this then the strange feeling you can get in your hands, they say it can stay, also after getting chemo. I feel it some days a little bit in my hands and feets, it is not to bad and easy to ignore, i also take vitamines for that.

At the end i don’t think it is as bad as i expected to be. Laying in bed watching series. And if you need anything, push the bell.

Sometimes it can take some time because you are not the only one laying their, they need to help many people. So getting the product don’t take that longue but i might be their from 8.30h till around 13h

After if i can go home, i still feel ok. Sometimes i fall asleep on the train (i have my alarm) but sometimes i also still have a lot of energy.

Mostly i start feeling things, like stomachpain, or a bleeding noise, tiredness,.. later on in the week. I am not sure but i think the cortisone also gives me a bit of energy.

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