How i got the news about the cancer

In 2016 before i left Belgium my doctor felt i had a small ‘cyst’ in my breast. He told me it was nothing bad and that i had to keep an eye on it and go back if it would become bigger.

End Exams 2016 and goodbye party 2016:

I was travelling and in 2018 i fellt the thing got bigger in my breast. After done some certifications to work on boats, in Sth Africa, i decided to go say hello to my family in Belgium and then go find a job around the harbour in Palma.

I asked my brother to made an appointment with my doctor to check my breast and remove ‘the thing’ if inpast by in Belgium. My gynaecologe made me an appointment in the one day hospital for an operation so i could leave Belgium again. After the operation, my father and i were waiting in the room, my breast covered in bandage and me thinking everything was finished, ready to go again. The doctor fired the woman laying next to me, told her everything went good and that she can go home. Than he came next to my bed and told me he had bad news. That it was a tumor they removed, and that i had breastcancer!

He started explaining all the things coming next but i didn’t hear any of that i didn’t believe what he just told me and didn’t know how to react, how to feel. I looked my father he acted the same. He went taking the car and picked me up at the door of the hospital, we went home, and i still didn’t realise, i remember we were quiet.

The weekend before this monday, i had this great weekend out with my friends to celebrate ‘my short time’ back in Belgium

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